“Thripidity” 3PDT PCB


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Now available in black, green & red!  ^^Please click on “Choose an Option” ^^ to select color.

A basic 3PDT breakout pcb I call the Thripidity. The pcb doesn’t take up much room, has a CLR footprint and LED pads on either side for easy placement. 9V & G pads on both sides as well for flexibility regarding DC jack placement. Also includes pads for Input/Output jack Tips/Sleeves.
The In/Gnd/9V/Out pad grouping at the top corresponds to the pad grouping on all Lectric-fx pcb’s excepting the Spaceharp.
Comes in a pack of 3.

Please install pcb onto 3pdt with the text facing up where you can read it, and the square pad is bottom left.


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Black, Red, Green