Musical Effect PCBs for the DIY Enthusiast

We are a small & humble webshop specializing in vintage electronics projects for musical DIYer’s. Most of our projects have been discontinued by the original manufacturer, or are no longer available in their original form. We offer the opportunity to build them for yourself, if you’re so inclined. Lots of cool modulation projects are available to keep you busy for quite a while!

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Countdown Phaser and Dandy Horse are currently on sale.

Our latest projects are the SH3 (EHX Small Stone™), Star Chambre (MXR 118 Analogue Delay), Rubber Band (Sustainer + Parametric EQ), the ABACUS (Sequencer Drum), and the Fuzz Tang (Maestro MFZT-1 Compression & Fuzz).

Upcoming project: Our take on the CE-1

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