Dandy Horse V.1.0

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The Dandy Horse is a reproduction of the vintage EHX Echo Flanger circuit, a  4 in 1 effect producing a chorus, flanger, fixed flanger filter and double track delay effect, adapted to use either two 3007 or two 3207 BBDs in place of the original’s two unobtanium SAD1024…

Expert level build

Notice:  I mistakenly sent the wrong Dandy Horse pcb out to a small handful of customers since September of 2018.
I have sent each customer a personal email outlining what happened.
If you received a Dandy Horse pcb with a 2016 date silkscreened on the top, please contact me through the interface at for a replacement.
Sorry for the mix-up!

Click this link for Bill of Materials
Click this link for VOLTAGES
Please note that voltages were measured while in FLANGER mode.

Click pdf icon for the rest of the build documentation. 🙂

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