Soy Sauce Subharmonizer


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The Soy Sauce bass subharmonic synthesizer and low-end enhancer project is based on the vintage 90’s schematic of the DOD® Meatbox™, converted for true-bypass. It blends a low subharmonic tone (fixed at 35 Hz) with a bass guitar’s output for a “low end assault”!


*A mistake in the part quantities was recently pointed out & fixed.  2 x 26 resistors were supposed to read 2 x 62k.  Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused!

* The build document contains some warnings about the possibility of damaging speakers with this effect. These were included because the original manufacturer(s) had similar advisories on the original product and its reissue (both of which are now discontinued).
However, several people who owned original units have now informed me these warnings were merely marketing, to appeal to a player’s “daredevil” side, and that the actual danger to equipment is 100% overblown. Draw your own conclusions, and be your own guide.

Open the build document to read all about it!