DC-Echo V.1.0 Analogue Delay


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Schematic now available; see below.

Hmm, a cleaner and brighter version of a Deluxe Memory Man™?  A faithful reproduction of the Electro-Harmonix™ Echo 600, an EXTREMELY rare pedal from the very early eighties.

Read more in the following document!

Note: If using a 3pdt pcb from us (or any other supplier) on your stomp switch, be advised there is a necessary GROUND connection not shown in the document between it and the main board. A 9V wire is not necessary however, since the LED is already powered from (and located on) the main board.

Build documentation:










This is your Wet Signal Audio Probing Flow (in Long Mode):

IC1 Pin 1
IC1 Pin 7
IC7 Pin 7
IC2 Pin 1
IC2 Pin 7
Topside (North end) of R19 or R20
TP2 (IC10)
TP3 (IC11)
TP4 (IC12)
IC4 Pin 1
IC4 Pin 7
IC7 Pin 10
IC5 Pin 7
IC5 Pin 1