DC-Echo V.1.0 Analogue Delay


In stock


Version 1.0 with fixed input, output, and delay pots in stock now.

Hmm, a cleaner and brighter version of a Deluxe Memory Man™?  A faithful reproduction of the Electro-Harmonix™ Echo 600, an EXTREMELY rare pedal from the very early eighties.

Read more in the following document!

Note: If using a 3pdt pcb from us (or any other supplier) on your stomp switch, be advised there is a necessary GROUND connection not shown in the document between it and the main board. A 9V wire is not necessary however, since the LED is already powered from, and located on the main board.




Notice:  The initial run of the pcb with no version number visible needs to have the Input, Output, and Delay potentiometers wired backwards.  This info is also described in the build documentation.

Be Advised:  For this one project we will not be providing a schematic, and ask that you please understand and respect this, as we have to respect our collaborator’s wishes to continue bringing out the projects that no one else offers.

If you get stuck, please post over at the LECTRIC-FX subforum on madbeanpedals.com/forum and one of our team will get to you.
This is your Wet Signal Audio Probing Flow (in Long Mode):
IC1 Pin 1
IC1 Pin 7
IC7 Pin 7
IC2 Pin 1
IC2 Pin 7
Topside (North end) of R19 or R20
TP2 (IC10)
TP3 (IC11)
TP4 (IC12)
IC4 Pin 1
IC4 Pin 7
IC7 Pin 10
IC5 Pin 7
IC5 Pin 1