O-zoan V2.0 JFET Overdrive



JFET OD based on the BFX Baby Blue OD™

Can be ordered completely blank if you’d like to provide your own JFETs, or with 3x smd mmbf4393 pre-soldered (one of the best options, IMHO). Other fets may work well too. If you have through hole 2N5952, those are known to sound good in this circuit.

New for V2.0 are 3x bias trimmers that replace R5, 10 & 13 in the V1.0 project. BIAS1, BIAS2, BIAS3 correspond directly to Q1, Q2, Q3. Measure the drain of each JFET & set for 4.5V by adjusting its corresponding BIAS trimmer. There is a small silkscreen dot on the drain side of each JFET transistor.