Altered State Phaser V.1.0



The Altered State is Lectric FX’s take on the revered Maestro PS1-A Phaser™. Besides shrinking the circuit down enough to fit a 1590BB enclosure, we’ve also converted it to run from a standard 9V DC supply, while still providing internal +/-12V supply of the original without the need for expensive specialty power bricks. We’ve also added a few updates for the modern player.

The project will come with 3x daughter boards. One each for slow, medium, & fast. Slow is also the on/off sw for the effect and is true bypass. You must use 3pdt switches for all 3 if you want to use the daughter boards, although you can certainly build this in other ways.
It will be for sale as a pcb set for those that want to provide their own matched jfets (6), or with the option of an included matched sextet of mmbf5485 jfets that come pre-soldered to through-hole converters. Refer to the pdf of our Jay-Fetz product for instructions on how to solder the legs onto these, as these will be done the same.

The build doc has been updated to revision 1.1 (05/16/2022) in order to correct a mistake in the quantities section. The correct numbers are 5x 47pf and 1x 680pf caps. The original document had the opposite. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Also please use TL074 for U4 and U5.
One more piece of errata. R21 was listed as 470k in the BOM and QTY sections but should be 470R as per the schematic.