Fuzz Tang- Compression & Fuzz

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Introducing the Lectric-FX Fuzz-Tang, a pedal board friendly PCB of the vintage Maestro™ MFZT-1* Fuzztain Compressor/Fuzz pedal circuit!

It can be described as a more refined big muff, producing long sustained fuzz notes and chords. Consisting of a MOSFET-based compressor running in to an op amp distortion stage, three modes are offered via the rotary: Sustain (a straight compressor), Soft (compressor in to soft clipping fuzz) and Hard (compressor in to hard clipping fuzz) with controls for input gain and output level.

Complimentary mini 3pdt pcb included with every Fuzz Tang pcb.

* The current documentation mistakenly describes this project as the FZ-1, but it’s the MFZT-1.